Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd – Terms & Conditions

General Plumbing Works:

Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd (HWH) are an ethical plumbing provider. All staff are police checked and work in accordance with the Master Plumbers Code of Ethics. We pride ourselves on providing professional, compliant plumbing installations.

Contained within these Terms and Conditions HWH will be referred to as the “Contractor” and the customer receiving the goods and services as the “Client”

Certificates of Compliance:

The Contractor will issue a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance for the following plumbing works:

  • Where the total value of plumbing work, including appliances, material and labour has the value of $750.00 or more
  • Where type A gas installation is undertaken
  • Plumbing Certificates of Compliance will be issued within 5 working days, of completion of works.

Scope / Extent of Plumbing Works:

The Contractor will provide the Client with a quotation of works, either in writing or verbally, outlining all costs associated with the required plumbing works. The price will outline all works to be undertaken and will also outline any possible works that may not be able to be quoted.

General Plumbing Works:

  • All materials supplied by the Contractor remain their property until full payment is received.
  • Work can commence as soon as written order is received.
  • Latent conditions apply.
  • Prices do not include any electrical connections or works, unless otherwise stated.
  • All prices are as per plans supplied.
  • All plumbing works are carried out as per Australian Standards and guaranteed for six years.
  • Quotation shall remain valid for 30 days unless otherwise notified.
  • The commencement of work shall be a date, which is agreeable to both the client and contractor.
  • The reinstatement of the driveways, footpaths, court paving, gardens & lawn has not been included in the quotation, unless specified.
  • All works quoted are to be carried out during Normal Business Hours
  • To meet compliance with plumbing regulations in some area, replacement of valves may be required. These items may be isolation valve, tempering valve, gas valve and Pressure Temperature Relief valves or concrete bases. Replacement of these items are not included in quotation.

Gas Appliance Installations:

  • Gas appliance quotations are quoted on a straight changeover basis only.
  • There is no provision included in quotation for upgrading or altering existing components connected to gas appliances, unless specified in the quotation.
  • Improvements, alterations or redesign of existing plumbing and infrastructure including gas fitting lines, duct work or flue pipes are additional to any direct replacement quotation.

Client Obligations:

  • All reasonable location of below ground pipes and services will be conducted by the Contractor
  • Client is responsible to supply a detailed plan to the Contractor outlining service locations, to avoid damage to services during excavation.
  • Any pipes and services damaged during excavation will incur repair at customer’s expense.
  • The client shall provide scaffolding and / or safe work access equipment unless otherwise specified in the contract.

Supply of Materials:

  • Where any fixtures, fittings, materials and / or access equipment are supplied by the Client, they will be stored, handled and installed at the risk of the Client.
  • All materials removed from the Clients site / premises shall be deemed to be the property of the Contractor unless the Contractor is otherwise notified by the Client.

Terms of Payment:

Full Payment on Acceptance of Works.

Cancellation of Works:

  • If works are cancelled prior to delivery of hot water system or attendance to site, then a full refund will be offered.
  • If product has been delivered or trades have attended site, a cancellation fee of $200.00 inc gst is applicable.

Overdue Account Charges:

  • Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to charge late payment fees of 3% per month for total invoice cost for unpaid invoices exceeding 30 days payment terms.
  • An Administration fee for late payments of $15.00 per month will be applied to all overdue accounts.
  • Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to list the names of companies or individuals with Vero Credit Reference Services and details may affect future credit ratings of the client, for accounts exceeding Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd payment terms.

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday                       Normal Business Hours            8.00 am – 5.00 pm (Public Holidays excluded)

After Hours                                All other times.


  • Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd warranty and certify all plumbing works complies in all respects with the plumbing laws as defined in Part 12A of the Building Act 1993.

Workmanship Warranty:

  • All work subject to a Compliance Certificate carries insurance to protect the consumer against defective plumbing work of the plumbing practitioner. All plumbing works carried out by Hot Water Help Australia Ltd are guaranteed for a period of six years from date of tax invoice.
  • All warranty claims should be reported to Hot water Help Australia Pty Ltd immediately and will only be accepted as warranty rectification works, once a site inspection has been completed, to determine eligibility.
  • Site visits to non – eligible claims, maybe charged as a minimum service call of $200.00 inc gst for the first 30 minutes on site plus ongoing labour of $40.00 inc gst per 15 minutes plus parts.
  • Warranty works are only valid during “Normal Business Hours” or next available business day.

Product Warranty:

  • Products and materials supplied by Hot Water Help Australia Pty Ltd will be covered by manufacturer’s warranty conditions, as provided by the manufacturer.
  • Hot Water Help Australia does not accept any responsibility for faulty products or materials.